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Eli Kony - Owner of

EliKO Digital

EliKO Digital is a young, exciting company that is here for you to help take your business online.

I’ve been working with digital marketing for the last 5 years and I have a lot of knowledge, insights and experience in the field. After I worked as the head of the PPC Department for a digital marketing agency in Israel I decided to open my own business – EliKO Digital to provide the service that small and medium businesses like yours deserve!

Multi-Platform PPC Campaigns

My PPC campaigns take a unique approach, combining an overall strategy with creative marketing strategies. My focused approach creates the results you want. I will consult with you to determine your business’s specific goals and create the most effective PPC campaign available for it.

Website & Landing Pages

Your website is your online storefront and a digital reflection of your business. It’s the first place potential clients visit when they’re looking for solutions to their problems, so you need to have a site that’s responsive, looks great on any device, clearly states your value proposition and provides clear contact info in order to convert leads into paying customers.

Innovative Tools for Maximum Results

Over the year I have hand-picked the most useful tools for tracking data and conversion rate optimization. Either it’s tools by Google & Facebook or high-conversation tools like chat-bots, I got you covered!

Data Analysis & Reports

I use performance data to define our PPC strategy.
My focus is on the construction of highly efficient and constantly evolving search, display, and remarketing campaigns. I monitor all aspects of our online marketing efforts, looking for ways to increase traffic, leads, and conversions.

What I Do

Why Work With ME?

Understanding Your Business.

I take your goals first. Then we focus on building a website that delivers the results you hear. My top objectives are increased reach, increased revenue and increased conversion. My goal? To help your business achieve its own objectives. It’s as simple as that.

Best Practices & Latest Innovations.

The internet is constantly expanding with new technologies. Since I am always adapting to these changes, puts me in the position to stay at the top of my game. Every year, I study new technologies and incorporate them into my services.
My goal is to position my customers as a top player in their industry and surpass all competitors. A top-notch, professional website, or innovative tools like chatbots ultimately leads to future growth.

Transparency and Forward Strategies.

professionals always keep you updated on your campaign’s progress. As I believe in transparency with my clients, you can also access your campaigns 24/7 and see everything live.
More than that, I’ll share with you the strategies I’m using for a better understanding on your end.

What I Can Offer You?

Google Ads Campaigns

With the Google Ads platform, you can easily and affordably reach new customers in seconds. Bid on keywords to help smooth out your search traffic; show up for your potential customers at the top of the search results.

Social Media Campaigns

Our social media marketing campaigns are put together to hit the right spots with the right messages to reach your audience. There is a special attention given to each campaign that is created based on your needs and budget.

Data Science

Today, everything is data. We can break down every piece of information in our advertising, which ads performed best, what audience we should focus on, what new opportunists are waiting for us etc. Let’s do this together!

Experience Design

Innovative and intuitive design solutions are essential to the success of your business; understanding the best platforms for the delivery of those solutions is at the very heart of our design process.

WordPress Websites

Your business needs an online presence so it can show up in the search results people use to find restaurants, food trucks, or retailers. We design websites around your goals and your audience. Our goal? To help you generate leads and drive sales.

Content & Copywriting

The power of great content & copywriting is seeing your business objectives and being able to create a web or an ad that speaks directly to that customer. Something that focuses not on you but what the customer truly wants and why does it matter to them.

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